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Slow Outlook 2007 Repair

Is Outlook 2007 running slow, becoming unresponsive or locking up? I have found several common factors when looking at Outlook only issues.

1. Start by checking the PST size. Outlook 2007 has a 20 GB limit. If you hit that limit, Outlook will lock up.

2. Run a full virus scan. Viruses can cause the strangest problems to surface. On a recent rebuild (caused by “strange” errors) viruses tu…

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IOS 7 Short Battery Life Fix

When you updated to IOS 7, little did you know that you could be cutting your battery life in half. You are not alone. Try these tips and watch your battery go back to functional again.

With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple added a ton of new and exciting features to your iPhone. However, in order to show off all of these new features, Apple has decided to turn them on: all of them. There’s…

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VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over IP has come so much farther than home phones that work over the internet connection. Now you can tie phones into email systems, know in Outlook if someone is available or on the phone, calls routed to any device with a phone number or all of them at once. You can take your office calls at home seamlessly, even transferring to other extensions, voicemail and conferencing multiple par…

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