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Should I buy a new or refurbished computer?

A: It depends on the vendor. I only buy Dell business class refurbished computers for several good reasons. First, they are thoroughly tested problem free (even though only 3% had repairs). Second, there is usually a price savings of 30-50% off retail. Third, they are usually available to ship the next day. Fourth, in my opinion, Dell has the best on site warranty in the business – in comparison to all other big name manufacturers.

Should I build my own computer to save money?

A: No way. I buy good business class machines for $350-$500 including a 3 year on-site parts warranty. You cannot get off the shelf parts with as strong of a reliability track record for this price. Add in the (included) $200 warranty that beats every other vendor and this question is simple.

What other brands do you suggest?

A: Lenovo & Apple.

Why don't you like HP?

A: I do like HP’s products. Specifically I like their high end printers. I think their computer warranty is horrible at this time.

Is there any way you can get me a discount on an Apple?

A: The only discounts I can suggest at this time are an education discount or buying a refurbished Apple. These can save you up to 20%. There is also and but you never know the condition of what you are getting from them.

Things are slow with my business. How do I use the internet to make my phone ring?

A: Pick up the phone and call me. 914-417-8249. There are many ways to make this happen. We can discuss your particular situation, needs and budget (if any) for marketing.